reFLEX decking is making waves in the marine industry. That’s because, as a division of SYNTEC Industries, reFLEX is no ordinary product. Our roots lie in the flooring industry. Syntec has been a leader in the textile industry for almost 4 decades! So when we say we know how to make a great product, we’re not playing games.

Confidence the Competition Can’t Claim

Others may try to downplay our expertise; they may say our history is limited to marine carpet. They’d be wrong. SYNTEC and our affiliates have been manufacturing and installing all facets of the textile flooring industry for decades. We source only the best raw materials and use our own equipment and experts to test them for quality and performance. This keeps us confident that you’ll keep coming back.

A Company You Can Count On

In a time when companies pop-up only to quickly shut down, reFLEX has proven its staying power. And we don’t rest on laurels. We’re always looking to create new products to enhance our customers’ experience. Today, you’ll find reFLEX and SYNTEC on boats, RVs, ATVs, and in homes. But just having a lot of products out there isn’t what’s important to us. It’s knowing that they’re being enjoyed, every day, by captains and crews, travelers and adventurers, and families across the globe. That’s what drives us.

You never know what kind of quality to expect with blended and cross-linked foams. reFLEX uses only PE foam to offer the most dependable foam flooring on the market.


Some brands may seem up for anything, but they won’t stay down for nothing. When the pressure’s on, reFLEX doesn’t peel, keeping its bond in wet and dry conditions.

reFLEX flooring is PROVEN to HOLD.

Mother Nature can be harsh on boats, with her UV rays aging the face of flooring and her heat compromising its stability. reFLEX flooring fights back, showing her who’s the real boss.

reFLEX flooring is PROVEN to ENDURE.

Whether it’s a fishing expedition or an afternoon excursion, heavy crew traffic can be punishing on marine flooring. reFLEX withstands this damage, effortlessly maintaining its good looks and its weight class.

reFLEX flooring is PROVEN to PERFORM.

A harmless glass of wine or a pitstop at the pump can quickly turn into a big mess. Good thing there’s no stain in our game! reFLEX flooring actually resists most stains, allowing you to wipe them away with ease.

reFLEX flooring is PROVEN to RESIST.


Proven Through Testing

Marine flooring demands better, and reFLEX by SYNTEC delivers. Our PE material with our exclusive truGRAIN finish exceeds competitors in every aspect, while simply LOOKING AND FEELING BETTER! We set out to prove it with independent lab tests, pitting reFLEX against our toughest competitors. Turns out, they’re not so tough after all!


The pressure was on, as samples were weighted to determine their 25% compression point. Some remained firm, signaling hardness underfoot and reduced traction; others weakened, leading to surface indentations. reFLEX provided the best outcome—a “happy medium”—compressing 25% at about 37 lbs. per square inch.


Samples were placed against a rotational resistance device modified with a shoe sole for 2,000 cycles, mimicking an average person’s typical surface weight pivoting over time. reFLEX obtained a 4 out of 5—an ideal wear performance rating*—while others showed more severe damage and received lower ratings.


To measure abrasive resistance, samples were turned 1,000 times against two rotating wheels. Each was weighed before and after the cycles to determine the percentage of weight loss. reFLEX with truGRAIN lost just 1.08% of its weight, while the nearest EVA competitor lost 1.70%… over 1.5 times more!


Samples were exposed to 1,000 hours of intense UV exposure (the equivalent of one year in the sun), then put under 1,000 cycles on the Taber Abrader. reFLEX delivered even less material loss than seen in the Taber Abrader Test (Before UV Exposure), dropping just 0.95% of its weight. Others wasted away, losing as much as 2.49%.


For a show of strength, samples were adhered to fiberglass for 8 hours, then pulled at a 90 degree angle at a rate of one inch per minute to determine the force needed to break the adhesive bond. Wet or dry, reFLEX won out with a peel strength of over 12 lbs. per square inch—30+% greater than the closest competitor!


Samples again were adhered to fiberglass, this time pulled laterally to determine the amount of force needed to pull them across the fiberglass in both wet and dry conditions. reFLEX stayed strong at 25 lbs. per square inch, a 50% greater grip than most with the closest competitor only coming within 20% of reFLEX’s Sheer Strength level.


To see how samples handled high temperatures, each was measured and then placed into a radiant heat oven at 140 degrees for 4 hours, then remeasured. With just a 0.02% average change, reFLEX maintained its structure nearly 3 times better than the worst performer and 50% better than the closest competitor at 0.035%.


Accidents happen, so common staining agents like mustard, ketchup, red wine, gasoline, and suntan lotion were applied to each sample for 24 hours to gauge resistance. reFLEX scored best across 11 different stains, averaging 4.36 out of 5*. The closest competitor barely managed a 4.


Mother Nature takes her toll on boats, so this test subjected samples to 1,000 hours of accelerated UV and weathering conditions, mimicking 1 year of outdoor exposure. By a landslide, reFLEX with its truGRAIN finish outperformed the competition, showing hardly any color distortion.

Your Boat Deserves reFLEX Decking

If you are an OEM that is looking for a trusted partner with unbeatable products, or a boat owner looking to give your boat a new custom look that will not only withstand the rigors of the wind and the waves but grab everyone’s attention, our teams at SYNTEC and reFLEX are looking forward to working with you.